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Adventure on the more extreme side has always been our way of life.


As for me... Billy...I broke bones on motorcycles and surfed hurricanes as a pre-teen and young teen and left home at an early age (15) to see what the world was about. It's been roughly that way since starting at the age of 18 living on a Kawasaki KZ 550 for a year touring California. That was well before the internet and  about 15 years before I ever heard the words 'Adventure Ride' or 'Motorcycle Camping'. And we didn't have Dual Sports either. You rode a street bike, a dirt bike or an enduro. We didn't know ANYTHING about gear either so we were able to survive without all the super-gear. Funny how that worked. I'm exceedingly thankful that marketing companies have since taken so much ownership over our safety. It's very noble of them. LOL.

From their I lived in vehicles rock climbing around the country through my 20's... and so on and so forth. Aside from my family, one of my greatest treasures is that the boys and men I did all that with are my riding troop to this day.


As for Bonnie her story is eerily similar and in many ways bolder than mine. I'll leave her to tell that story soon.


As for our 7 kids and grand babies thats not why you are here. I get that. I didn't want to write any of this but Google says we are supposed to. LOL.  


first things first about today... thank you to all of you in the adventure riding & Dual Sport community for your love and support of us when we needed it most. How does it go... "Ya find out who you friends are." 


Today...We have dedicated our lives to introducing the heritage of brotherhood back into the sport of adventure motorcycle riding in order to develop a collective voice to speak resolve into the public use land issues faced by the adventure riding and dual sport community. 

All proceeds earned by Story Moto ADV under the brand ( lifestyle apparel designs and merch, advertisements, social media influencer earnings, affiliate sales, sponsorships etc. ) go in large part towards ADV public land access issues and general support of the adventure riding community to that effect through efforts of restoring the heritage of adventure motorcycle riding back into the community at large.  Details can be found on Patreon. Hit us up if you are of like mind.