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Adventure Riding photography

On and Off The Motorcycles Throughout The US

Adventure riding in today’s world affords a great opportunity for videography and photography. I’d imagine one day that the high definition quality we have today will somehow pale in comparison to what is available then. I don’t see how that could be so-- but I guess if I did I would make those innovations now. LOL. 

Even if the footage of your riding, camping, landmarks etc. are just for yourself it’s still just awesome to have them. I spent so much of my time for decades adventure traveling so completely engrossed in the activities that I took very few photos. I so wish that I had stopped here and there and just taken a picture.


It’s for that reason I always recommend that people take as many photos as possible. With the quality of video and photography possible with a smart phone it certainly does make capturing the adventure a heck of a lot more simple than it once was. None of our crew are photographers. We just took a lot of pictures and figured we come up with some doozies... and that we did. Whether camping, riding our motorcycles from one place to another or out dual sport riding in areas we stay for awhile I now try to plot time for taking video and photos. I've been at this gig a long time and my only regret is that I didn't do that early on. 


The Johnson Family


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