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Billy Johnson Story Moto ADV

January 1 thru Feb 14, 2018

My experience of the CABDR was....

I have not achieved this conquest. This is an example format of how one might sign the registry.

We ask that you submit at minimum the first two lines you see above (name & dates of your conquest of the route or achievement respective to the Hall you are in). If you care to take the telling of the story further feel free to do so to any length or complexity. In the icon menu you'll find a robust set of possibilities for doing that. Here are some examples:

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Or a gallery...

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Now add a video...

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Next add a GIF...

haha. The upload button for the sharing of files is acting a lil glitchy. I wouldn't mess with it.

And finally... good ol' emoji's 😜🤣😂🙄😄😅🎒👞💋💤

And that is it. YOUR story is registered in the Hall of CABDR.


Welcome to the hall of CABDR! You can share whatever you'd l...
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