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101 DIRT CHEAP ADVENTURE CAMPING GEAR GIFTS THAT NAIL IT! ~ ( 41 under $10 & 84 under $20 )

If you suck at buying good gifts know that we are fellows in the matter. I put it to some thought recently that resulted in an ace up my sleeve that I'm gonna share now.

I considered the gifts I've been given over the years and it occurred to me...

I don't recall what the $100 stylish jacket my aunt got me 4 years ago even looked like. BUT I recall what the $20 fleece given to me 10 years ago looks like... and also where it is now... because it's in my gear. It's a part of what I love so I end up loving it too.

The same goes for every gift of gear I've been given. It brought me joy in receiving it and has done the same since... even if it cost $2 like my little wrist wrap scrunchy motorcycle key chain thingy. Gear is gear and we gear people love it indeed. Assuming you are like us... 'gear people'... I'm sure you can agree that...

it doesn't even matter if we already have one of the same exact thing we were just given.

The JOY is still there because we use it, share it, rely on it, hand it down to sons and nieces... the list goes on.

That said all being said, gifts ARE for the other person but it's ALSO a great feeling to know someone genuinely liked the gift you gave them.

I propose that these 101 options coming up can do exactly that for the outdoorsmen / women in our lives.

101 awesome gadgets, tools, inventions, literature, toys, and other brilliant, fun product concepts that are useful for adventure camping, motorcycle camping, car camping, van-life, hiking, backpacking, fishing, working outdoors... all those titles Google says I have to type if I want to matter to them. lol. But you get it... Adventurers...all 'outdoorsy' folk alike.

As for the ace up the sleeve...

These 101 adventure camping gear gadgets, tools, books and what-nots start at $4 and...

  • 40 of them are UNDER $10.

  • 84 of them are UNDER $20.

  • ALL of them are guaranteed to bring a smile to whomever it is that ends up owning them.

  • ALL the sellers have been vetted and the best priced products were selected from the qualified sellers left standing.

(NOTE: The best price doesn't always mean the best deal-- until the seller pool is minus the riff-raff anyway. There is more on this topic in green font after the article if you'd like to know more about staying sane shopping on Amazon. lol)

Kershaw camping soon, fork suggested by Story Moto ADV

Have fun showing up to the party with the most memorable and appreciated gift... having spent 1/10 the dough. lol. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter or become a site member so you don't miss the deals and information we share. Also consider sharing this and other posts with a friend to help support our efforts. To find out what those efforts are feel free to hit us up or browse around here on the Story Moto ADV Basecamp.


Kershaw camping spoon and fork that is also a carabiner

( If you scrolled this far this information will save you time, money and SPARE headaches when shopping on Amazon... )

About purchasing things on Amazon... a price war caution for you:

First let me state this...

Folks assume that an Amazon Influencer Storefront is a place where one simply throws products in and then sits back and waits for the wealth to wash over them. That couldn't be farther from the case. From a financial gain perspective it's truly pointless. It is a labor of love on level 11 of 10 ( Spinal Tap reference. lol ). The promotion of a store to become any sort of viable source of income would require an investment of time and money that most cannot afford. I personally make just over $1.13 per hour for the time I invest in it.

The Price War Warning...One of the countless steps to doing all the Amazon Influencer stuff correctly-- in order to serve the highest and best interest of those influenced to go there -- is the research and vetting of products and sellers. It's exhaustive and exhausting to do it right. I know them all now though. And in the process have learned of some dark Amazonian seller tactics. That said, at minimum be careful clicking something less expensive by a buck or two without knowing the seller .Chrome Add-Ons like FAKESPOT GUARD are very helpful towards removing the guess work.

The image below is an example of one such evaluation process that I did for each of these 101 products and of course anything else we recommend in our store because it's the only way we feel confident in suggesting a product. To vet in this way yourself, you don't have to be an affiliate or influencer to download service like FAKESPOT GUARD. With their grading system I can make better quick decisions with some real data. and then later do more detailed vetting of the chosen sellers through their system as well. It's free also and I am recommending this because so often the cheaper seller is only cheaper because they are rooking people. In the products we recommend there are untold hours spent vetting out the monsters and then price shopping the good vendors only.

This example image shows two very similar products on each end of the photo, one being a few bucks cheaper. But as you can see the one on the left has had enough bad reports made against them or fake reviews submitted that they've hacked their grade down to an F. That's a headache forthcoming for an unwary buyer. Additionally the product in the middle is one that most sellers offer at around 12-15 bucks for one pair. This seller offers 3 for 19 bucks but with a D rating. In the 101 collection of this post I have these exact gloves for $10 which is the best LEGITIMATE price you can find. Had I not been using a service for vetting I'd of likely recommended this sellers product instead.



A still image of our webpage for motorcycle camping and adventure riding resources

Stay safe out there. Story Moto Out.


Selfie photo of Billy J co-founder of Story Moto ADV

Billy J is co-founder of Story Moto ADV, a dual sport / adventure riding brand with strategic initiatives serving the health of the adventure touring community in order to develop a unified voice for speaking resolution into motorcycle land closures in the U.S. due to overcrowding and other public land use conflicts. He has been a rider for 45 years, an extreme adventurer for 31, and an avid dual sport adventure rider for 20. His first time living on a motorcycle for more than a year was in 1988 and most recently for 16 months living and riding full time with his wife Bonnie J and their kids on a tour that wrapped up in the summer of 2019. The are plugging away at the Story Moto ADV compound for another round set to commence in the Summer of 2020.




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