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Thigh Gap Adventure Touring

Put Down the Thigh Master…

ADV Touring loves you just the way you are

When you love motorcycles you love EVERYTHING about motorcycles. The riding, mods, wrenching, researching, the adventure, but most of all the prestige you get when you have the all coveted Instagram perfect riding jacket. Wait a minute let’s back up a sec…

We do have to consider and identify the important and necessary adventure riding gear for obvious reasons. It gets cold and wet out there and you need to wear armor. THAT is important gear for riding. That doesn’t mean we don’t love nice stuff too and want to feel like a part of the gang, but at the same time it’s not a fashion show. If you think that it’s worth wasting another trip to save up for that label please reconsider. Affording free time is hard enough without joining the troves on consumers who buy the best dual sport everything.

If you truly love the sport you don’t need the latest and greatest. What you need to do is use what you’ve got, get what you need to be safe and get out on the road. And here's a promise- a 20 years adventure touring promise…when you're covered in mud and grinning from head light to tail light the very last thing you’ll be thinking about is striking a pose. Live for that moment, that experience, and what your hand me down jacket just afforded you to do…Leave the Thigh Gap Adventure touring to the ones sitting on their couch “waiting” around to go tear it up like you.

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