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Short Riders Factory Seat Conversion

Your very own “ Seat Concepts-ish ” Mod

DIY Moto Mods = Date Night in our house. Does it take more time then pushing a button and getting that perfect factory product? Yes, and that’s sorta the point. Billy and I love collecting little and not so little pieces and parts. We save them up for just that right YES moment we know will come.

Not only are you are saving TONS of money fabricating your own custom mods, you are putting yourself in a unique position to learn more about your bike, and cultivate new skills. The truth is DIY doesn’t have to mean just by yourself. Working on mods with your family and friends is a fulfilling process in and of itself, even amidst the occasional frustrated swearing! But seriously it’s all in good fun and in the end you’ll end up with time well spent and a unique product full of memories.

In this video, we go over our process for lowering and softening the factory seat of Billy’s KTM 690 Enduro R.

Most ADV bike seat heights are going to be taller than a street bikes are. What we show here is just one of the many short rider modifications. It's simple and you can do it in only a few hours. It also will afford most any rider the fortune of riding most any bike.

It may not be absolutely perfect (factory) but it’ll do the trick. It will keep your bum comfortable and feet tiptoeing the pavement a little more firmly. Not to mention can you think of a better past time, other than actually riding? You get to tinker around in the garage and spend some time on a fun family team effort. Or lets just get real, you get an opportunity to share some one-on-one time with that special someone... your motorcycle.

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