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Staying Not Dead

Safe on Two Wheels?

So you’ve taken the BRC, you’ve researched all the right safety gear, you bought that neon yellow jacket...ouch

But anyways, your ready to hit the road, you're a real rider now but heres the thing,

some of the ways to stay not dead just cant be found in the books.

Like most things in life its about those crazy, wonderful sometimes frightening opportunities

that all add up to be experience.

In this video we take you through a few such safety tips that we’ve found along the way. 40 years on motorcycles and 20 years adventure touring lends it self to a lot of

possibilities on the road. Some are just every day good habits to get yourself acquainted with, some for emergencies but all of them are weightless gems to throw in your Moto bags ...

- But wait, they told me to use my lane as three lanes? The what could happen of this possibly dangerous scenario.

- Remember that one kid in class, the one that couldn’t sit still? Well here is why Mr. Ants in his pants just might be a safer on the road than you.

- Mojo??? What it is, when you got it and when you lose it.

As always let us know in the comments what you’ve discovered out on the road. Got any little know safety tips and tricks up your sleeve? You never know how much they could end up being exactly what your fellow rider needs.

Story Moto Out

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