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PAN AMERICA-What We Now know:

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PART 1 & 2: PAN AMERICA ADV FAIL or WIN? Pan America SPECS-ULATIONS 2020 is an admittedly hilarious poke at Harley Davidson’s decision to jump on the ADV bandwagon with the adventure cruiser PAN AMERICA. From concept to showroom this new Harley Adventure bike is sure to take some knocks on the chin, and while this is one such knock there are also some very serious considerations mentioned for our viewers. While meant to poke at Harley and ruffle some feathers we are confident all can enjoy this video AS WE AWAIT THE PAN AMERICA RELEASE.. Whether a Harley fan or opponent we challenge you not to laugh.

Billy J presents a serious issue with Harley Davidson -- AND whether this bike goes down in history as the Pan America ADV fail or win the topic of discussion in this motovlog is a matter we feel most ALL Harley guys will agree with.

Story Moto Out

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