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EVERNEW TITANIUM... Last Camp Cook Pan Standing!

When our family set off to live on our motorcycles we were winging it in just about every way. Our cook set was no exception. My husbands 20 year old aluminum solo cook set not surprisingly just did not make the cut. Rest in peace...

Many mediocre meals later, hours of scrubbing and missed opportunities for adventuring I finally said enough is enough.

Enter my dream pots. Evernew Titanium...

With all of the gear we carry on our motorcycles we try to simplify it by making sure everything is dual purpose in use. we nailed it with our choice. The Evernew Titanium cook set can be used on campfire coals as well as a camp stove. The fry pan doubles as a lid which fits on the inside lip of the pot so no boil overs! It also has a pour spout on the pot for pouring off liquids. Being titanium it has the added bonus of being feather light, weighing in at a whopping 12 ounces.

Evernew Titanium Non-Stick DX4 Pot Set

* 1.9 liter capacity ( roughly 8 cups ) capacity pot with a non stick fry pan that doubles as a lid. Comes with a nylon stuff sack.

This is the perfect size for 2 people, although with a little ingenuity I cook for 4 plus people with this set. This set is super easy and fast to clean up because of its non stick coating. I am pleased and satisfied all around with this set. Ive used it on the campfire, campstove and even our friends home stove cook top.

Speaking of mediocre meals...this set hasn't seen one. Ive cooked up to 50 plus delicious, some would say gourmet camp meals and this set is still going strong.

Titanium is obviously going to be more expensive. In the long run it is so worth every penny. The benefits of more time adventuring and hanging out by the campfire far out weigh the price.


Bonnie J

Story Moto ADV

See the Evernew put to the test!

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