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600D/1000D Cordura Adventure Riding Pants ≈ 29 Bucks... Somebody PINCH Me

You may have seen our recently posted report 'Stupidly Affordable Adventure Gear'.

In it (linked at the end of this article) we covered our best priced per quality finds for almost an entire ADV riding / touring kit. That's jacket, pants, gloves, panniers, tail and tank bags, tent, sleep pad, sleep bag, stove, pans, knife, fire starter, life straw, first aid kit and cargo net ALL for $568 US bucks. Developing the gear list required a great deal of research in order to find products that were not only affordable but also had quality materials and consistently good reviews. By our reckoning and the reports of those who picked the gear up... I do believe we nailed it.

And remaining in that vein of 'stupidly affordable' is not only a beautiful Saturday shaping up its also the day we add another fairly stellar another product to the list.


Fully armored, waterproof, vented, 600D Cordura w/ 1000 at heavy wear points riding pants with removable liner, as is the armor as well.

Freaking 29 bucks and Amazon Prime free shipping to boot.

The seller makes a good point that these pants would also serve well as lifelong lasting work pants. They offer the pants in most size variations between 47" waist and 30" inseam.

These pants are offered by the same company that sells the jacket / pants combo in our 'Stupidly Affordable' list. Their products get great reviews and interestingly enough when you pass those reviews through a 'BS' filter they come up with a B grade. Which is an epic ranking for a non mainstream brand. Many of these 'suspect' brands have so many fake reviews that they receive an F.

Here's the ad ad link...

What is 600D or 1000D Cordura anyway?

About those numbers and letters, you may have seen our last post on tent fabrics where we broke down the meaning of their fabric references. e.g. 68D 190T 4000mm Tent Wall. Check it out if you haven't and that sort of thing interests you. When it comes buyin' time you can save a lot of money by understanding materials.

If you re interested that post is entitled

What Makes A Camping Tent Worthy or Trash? ≈ Intel Is Same As Ca$h

In the case of Cordura it's the same as with other fabrics such as nylon and polyester. The D stands for Denier which is a unit of measurement that tells the thickness & weight of a single thread used in making it's respective fabric.

For reference, here is an example image from the tent fabric post:

≈ Hi. i am a single thread ≈

No matter what the fabric is made out of-which in this case is POLYESTER-- it starts with a thread. For further reference see below that a 40D thread is 2/3 the weight and thickness of a 60D thread...

≈ Hi. I am a single 40D thread with my friend a 60D thread ≈

From there the post goes on to explain the rest of the story-- the T reference, Ripstop technology, waterproofing etc.

I personally do not have a pair of these ADV riding pants yet but will be ordering some. I have spoken directly to many people who have purchased HWK riding gear and I've yet to find one person knock them. There will always be the die hard screaming KLIM but you know how that goes. If I paid 40 gajillion bucks for my high fashion riding gear I might be swayed to the screaming myself. lol.

...And about high-end, top-shelf, mega-dollar gear... boy do I have a bombshell coming down the pipe. The poop is gonna take wing when we post that one.

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Thank you all so much for the support and love you've shown the Story Moto ADV family. You know who you are. We just hope you truly know how perfectly kick ass you are as well.

We'll holla again when we dig up some more gems,


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Be sure to check out this insane gear deal report ... The entire kit costs less than half your lowest possible guess. Try me on that one.

$TUPIDLY Affordable Adventure Riding Gear

And as always you can find all of our most recommended and best deal finds in our Amazon storefront. Again thank you so much to those who have trusted those recommendations and have been supporting our mission by shopping there. Affiliate commissions by definition are kind of a joke but every little bit counts so much more than you could know.





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