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The Boy Can Swim... On An Adventure Bike

Several years ago Frankie Edgar went up against BJ Penn... arguably the most intelligent, skilled and brutally effective fighter in his weight class to ever walk earth. Frankie Edgar was the underdog by all definitions. One of Penn's trainers reportedly passed Frankie's dad in a hallway and snidely remarked.... Your boy is in deep water now Mr. Edgar. Frankie's dad turned to the trainer immediately, smiled and without hesitation said... "Well sir, my boy can swim" He turned and walked away.

2 days later Frankie Edgar brought down a decade of BJ Penn rule by beating the living stew out of him. About that... I caught this pic of Zane as we pack our things to head west in search of a suitable racing circuit. It caught me because he was facing west and peering west. He wants to race.

We understand that EVERY odd is against us. We understand that our destination on this leg of the tour is full of racers who have done it forever, funded to the gills. We understand that we have to find the right place, still have to find and afford the right bike, still have to whatever.... we get that. We get that no great winners have not endured a season of loss. We understand that probably as well as anyone to walk earth. We also understand as we pack our gear that we just don't care about odds and opinions and fears anymore. It's either you are willing or not willing to reach down all the way inside and see what's in there. And... my boy can swim.

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