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No Rider is Without A Family

Coming from a large family we really wevent looking for ’family‘ per-say when we started Motorcycle. Camp. Cook. We started it for other very important reasons... but family, albeit important, wasn’t one of them.

Long history short... Zee Traveler who has become a very good friend of mine and Bonnie’s saw that we had started a group on Facebook. It was a day old when Zee contacted us— at that time we were very good acquaintences I guess you could call It. She told us she had a groupof about 300 that fit our needs and that we could take it over if we wanted to. Zee does everything she does completely by her self and frankly did not expect the success she has had with Minimalist Motorcycle Vagabonds and Bunk A Biker. im not one to take advantage of a crisis but suffice it to say we were stoked haha. That was about 6-7 months ago and it’s been a whirlwind for us ever since. Pushing around 2000 members now the group grows daily and has become wrought with content and good times.

Which leads me to the point of this lil article. We had no idea those good times were forming bonds. We had no idea that these people would one day soon feel like a family to ya. But that’s what happened. The point of this little article ultimately is that relationships are out there. Happiness is out dthere. Family is out there.. I guess you just have to be ready for it when it hits you. Additionally I think that there is a time and a place and ‘when‘ for all that we are And I think ours it is right here for awhile in Motorcycle. Camp . Cook . Bonnie and I are gonna stay awhile. Thanks for the epic welcome Mat MCC and Zee. It truly does model everything we desire to bring to the table for Ademture and dual sport riding. We couldn’t be more grateful.


Bonnie & Billy J.


Billy J is a co-founder of Story Moto ADV, a dual sport / adventure riding brand with strategic initiatives serving the health of the adventure touring community in order to develop a unified voice for speaking resolution into motorcycle land closures in the U.S. due to overcrowding and other public land use conflicts. He has been a rider for 45 years, an extreme adventurer for 31, and an avid dual sport adventure rider for 20. His first time living on a motorcycle for more than a year was in 1988 and most recently for 16 months living and riding full time with his wife Bonnie J and their kids on a tour that wrapped up in the summer of 2019. The are plugging away at the Story Moto ADV compound for another round set to commence in the Summer of 2020.s

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