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A Debt Of Gratitude Forever Owed...

A Special Thank You To Our Supporters & Encouragers

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Living on dual sport 

adventure motorcycles...

...with a family is most certainly a unique challenge. In full transparency and risk of sounding like fools... we had no idea going in that our limits would be so completely tested in every capacity. Physically, mentally, spiritually, financially and logistically, we dove headlong into the ultimate of trials by fire. 


That said, we wanted to take a minute and thank all of you folks listed here for the love and support you extended to our family.  We want each of you to know that your encouragement... on so many occassions... was all we had.  As we made this list it was humbling to consider it all. You guys gave us hope and thereby a way-- and that is something we could never even quantify let alone repay. We hope and pray each of you fully understand how grateful we are for you.  The only thing we hope and pray for more is that we didn't leave anyone's name off!

As we strategize for the next expedition the list is growing. Much love to each and all of you guys. In our eyes you are each purely soldiers in your own right. 

And the adventure continues...


We are near launching our next phase / plan. You think the last one was bold or nuts ( it's an eye of the beholder thing - lol ) ...just wait and see what's coming down the pipe.


We have several new commitments to fulfill and one HUGE commitment that we were unable to achieve on our last mission. The circumstances of it were dire and despite all of our efforts, and cold and wet, and dodging blizzards and waiting and planning and being stranded and having it almost cost the lives of Zane and myself... we were forced to retreat from leaving the rest of Rustyn's ashes on the Beartooth Pass. It was devastating. It took weeks of brutal circumstances and at length... the day it was open for the season-- after months of snow clearing-- the Beartooth was hit by a blizzard leaving 6 feet of snow.  That is the short version of the story to put it mildly.  But we have not given up hope, plan or intention to set that mans ashes free at the top of the Beartooth Highway.

We haven't wavered in any of our intentions. In fact, we are just getting started. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and also feel free to speak into the logistics as they unfold.


We appreciate and respect the heart, wisdom and ability to inspire in each of you guys-- and we can never thank you enough for offering those things to us even when we had nothing to offer in return. That sort of thing not only means the world to us... we believe it to be how the world actually gets by. It's the people that make life worth the living.  




Feel free to stop by the Story Moto ADV Facebook Page


and also check out our new adventure travel group: Motorcycle. Camp. Cook. if you haven't already.


We've started some very crazy video productions that feature Bonnie's cooking in preparation for the release of our adventure travel cookbook: Camp-Ucopia.


Stop by our Youtube channel to check those videos out.


Mike and Jean Gregg

Katherine Krummel

The Acker Family

Matt Bell

The Sturm Family

The Bobby J Family

The Shaver Family

The Mignot Family

Aric Wogan

Josh Wogan

Scott Wogan

Jim & Linda Koppius

Robert Davenport

Minimalist Motorcycle Vagabonds

Good ADV

Women ADV Riders

The Tanner Wimberley Family

The Bruce Family

Karen Geren

Milton Stucker Jr.

Bonnie Nylund

Eden Carr

The Radosavich Family

Mandy & Shepard Gregg

Alisha Witcomb

Glen Baker

Melissa Lynne Thornton

Zee Traveler

Jeff Sailors

JJ Lewis 

Traverse Magazine

Randyn Davenport

Justin Rio Rancho

Burrito Paul

Tyler Theobald

Alena St. Clair

The St. Clair Family

The Maxwell Family

The Beard Family

Michael Ferguson

Miles Neiman

Super Bee Jay Masterson

Charlie Stacey Moon

Eric Swafford

The Price Family

Brandan Babineaux

Mark Mastio

Vance Tietz

Teance Blackburn

Chuck Wilder

Terri & Jamie Storter

Kelli Miller Moder

Phillip F. Crenshaw

The Kessler Family

Scott LeBleau

Cindy Ragas Buuck

Gina Ward Thorne

Denise Guerci Carroll

William E Clark

Stacy Bird Ward

Patrick Mathews

Karen Boudreaux

Paul Douglas

Steve Vander Kwaak

Niki Gaffrey-Rookis

Randy Simmons

Leslie Mull

Theresa Bishop

Lori Brunson-Smith

Frank Day

The Berges Family

Chuck Highers

George Hartley

Jason Elliott

Brenda Davenport

Sarah Jackson

Elizabeth Brannon

Donna L. Crawford

Judy Elliott Shipman

Lovie McCormick Hall

Ronnie Davenport

Shannon Bishop Erwin

Therese Baker

Pinetop Johnson

Darlyne Knaby

Rachel Moore Bolin

Kieran Shipman

Alita Landers

Holly Gore Truebger

Paul Hunter

Ben Johnson

Tony Adams

Tony Thompson

Big Bill Watson

William Clark

Steve Sida

Eric Jiorle

Stephanie Herndon Barnett

Michael Kennedy

Lisa McBride

Kris Fant

Scott Riverwood

David Wendt

Rozalyn Konstek Veersma

Charles Bonnet

Gerald Barrowman

Todd Bryant

Albert Lacoursiere


If we've spoken to you or If you've recognized on your own and understand what it is we are attempting to do for the ADV community (community & family in general for that matter) visit us on Patreon to read the full mission. You don't have to be a Patron to scope it out.


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