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The Four W’s of Wilderness Camping

Behind the video: There's just about nothing our family loves more than motorcycles and camping. Date night in our life means camping, family night means building fires and practicing survival skills amidst the occasional wheelie break. As we get ready to set off into the wild here's a few go to skills we always count on.

So your headed out to the wilderness. You’ve been looking forward to your night, week or longer away from the hustle and bustle. You’ve planned, prepped, geared up and are ready to roll. You can almost smell the campfire, Adventure Calls! But wait…take a look at these tips we have for you. A little simple awareness will not only make your time in the woods more rewarding it could also help prevent an adventure turned ugly…

In this video we wanted to offer some basic tips to keep in mind for the next time you head out on your moto camping trip. With all the survival books and videos on the market there is one book that my both my husband and I always seem to go back to, Les Stroud Survive! Heres four tips that we use every time we go camping and it just so happens Les agrees!

So the 4 W’s of camping are nothing new or are right? It just so happens that sometimes a new perspective on a basic skill can make all the difference.

Water: Your probably thinking this one is easy right? Of course we need fresh drinking water available but when and how can something our body needs end in catastrophe? Heres a hint its has nothing to do with drinking it…

Wind: Where you position your tent is not just all about the best pic for Instagram…yeah I know shocking. Your tent was made to be part of your protection. See how your choice of spot to set up effects your tents ability to do everything it promises.

Wigglies: Exactly how it sounds Yikes! They are out there, no doubt about it BUT heres some ways to keep them not so up close and personal.

Widow Makers: No ladies Im not talking about the man-flu here you will legit be wearing black cuz he’s never coming back…Heres how not to lose your husband, or your wife or whatever else they identify as…

Hope you enjoy the video and if you’ve discovered your own little list of letters that can help keep all our little hearts beating long enough to have a life time of adventure we’d love to hear them and discuss so please leave it in the comment!

Story Moto Out

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