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THE Adventure Traveler's Cookbook... Camp-ucopia

There are many resources out there for learning more about camp cooking, but like all camping related interests, these resources are generally separated into these two conventional categories...


There are important skill sets in both. However, these categories do not address the practical needs of modern day, outdoor-sports-oriented adventure travel camping. This genre has exploded in recent years and most of these travelers do not plan on reaching camp and building a snare in hopes of rabbit stew--nor plan on hauling a charcoal grill and cornhole set into the wild.

They are seeking information on gear, concepts, methods & solutions that will help them form a system that best insures the highest use of their time and resources while traveling. Camp-ucopia was created to be a resource for camp cooking and meal planning information serving exactly that purpose.

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If you are a Facebook-ian stop by our adventure riding camp cooking group: Motorcycle. Camp. Cook. Loads of wonderful content and resources for campin' happy. And as always, connect with us at Story Moto ADV if there is anything we might be able to help you with.

For a great and growing compendium of suggested gear for you, your camp and your motorcycles stop by the Story Moto ADV Amazon Storefront. The categorized selections are based on our constant search for the best priced gear and 'must-haves' in, on and around the sport of adventure riding-- and adventure travel otherwise that also requires the light & tight approach to gear.

All sales made through our Amazon Storefront earn Story Moto ADV a small commission that is paid by the seller. Those proceeds go directly towards supplementing our expenses in continuing to cultivate Story Moto ADV in pursuit of the original mission...

To be a positive, helpful, inspirational and effective voice in adventure riding by connecting people, ideas and values within the sport-- in order to honor and sustain the character and integrity of it's past and insure they are instilled into the next generation of riders.

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