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ADV GEAR Mother of Finds... Balaclava $7 • Gaiter $3 • Skull Cap $4: (temp promo only)

Every so often there comes a deal of a deal of a deal kinda deal deal. This is one of those... well 3 of those-- Actually...4 but... well you'll see.

These 3 products represented in the collage below are EXTREMELY well priced before adding a promo code into the mix. WITH the code, by any common market definition, each are a bonafide steal.

FIRST UP... The windproof / claimed-waterproof breathable Gaiter:

Get this...

Let's whoa on up a sec. I don't know who was writing the beginning of this blog post but I'm taking the wheel from here and am going to shed a lil-dab-o-light on what's going on. The jig is up. Hear me out: After the 50% discount found below this little thingamajiggy-for-your-neck racks up a whopping $3.25 out of pocket expense. It simply rips those funds clear from their moorings and devours all 325 pennies.

But don't fret, they want us to believe they make up for it with free PRIME shipping and free returns if we are unsatisfied with the purchase. But let's get and stay real another sec... That $3.25 could have been spent on a 1/2 pack of cigarettes on your way over to Bass Pro to buy this for $32.50. How dare they deprive you of that joy without offering free shipping anyway right? And they want to sound like they are doing us a favor.


NEXT UP...Enter Balaclava:

It goes without saying that...

...this little common criminal looking mask should be warn by the sellers themselves. They expect us to bite on a balaclava that merely offers a flannel-inner and windproof outer shell with only 3D helmet purposed stitching that doesn't wrinkle or bunch?

Do these thieves honestly think that the elastic inner mesh that stops this balaclava from being tight in one spot and loose in another AND the poultry additions of a moldable nose ridge, ear bud holes and the consideration of pony tails in the design is going to cause us to turn a blind eye to harsh fact we will be out almost $7.00 after the promo discount? I think not.


And If that wasn't enough sheer skull buggery... behold the skull cap:

It's as though they think we were all born last night...

Here's the Watergate of this whole deceptive debacle. Get a load of this... Not only do they think we are gullible enough to be lulled into purchasing compliance by a literal state of the art cap that-- for all intents and purposes-- is being extorted from us via a 6 dollar ass-whipping... no sir, not only that... they take it the extra sordid mile by offering 2 of the hats for $8.50. We aren't talking rubles or shillings folks... that's eight and one half red blooded American bills.

I for one am aghast and only have this to say in response to these preposterous and nefarious snake oil enchantresses...

"I'm good but I'll let you know if I hear that Warren Buffet needs some head gear. So for now why don't ya'll just take your delusions, your little 'headkerchiefs' and your downright creepy looking photoshoot-prop head back to whatever blood thirsty corner of hell you came from. Because me and my peeps have a trip to Bass Pro on the itinerary and you aren't invited"

I digress.

Well... sorry about that, but... that WAS fun to write however, so... thank you for your patience and tolerance. Let's move on to what you came here for.



Click here ( or the creepy prop head in the last photo) and you'll be directed to a page in your Amazon account that looks something like the picture below. In the top of the main window you'll see that Amazon has applied the discount code to your cart. And THAT... that is it. The code will apply to all the product offerings on that page (4 offerings) so long as they go to your cart ultimately navigating FROM the page shown in the photo below that we linked for you..

Scroll down a touch before you click away to the 'headkerchiefs'. You'll find more deals, opportunities and an announcement about something you've never seen before that YOU are a part of.


by Todd Bryant

They say we're crazy....  They say it's a fad. They say we'll grow out of it... but they should know that people like us have existed since the dawn of man. Be it on horseback, or by camel, or by elephant, we've always been here in search of water, in search of herds, in search of fertile ground, in search of adventure. It is only that this is the era of the motorcycle. A look through the history books and you will see the same people you've ever seen, doing what we've always done. This is not a fad...this is who we are.





Billy J is co-founder of Story Moto ADV, a dual sport / adventure riding brand with strategic initiatives serving the health of the adventure touring community in order to develop a unified voice for speaking resolution into motorcycle land closures in the U.S. due to overcrowding and other public land use conflicts. He has been a rider for 45 years, an extreme adventurer for 31, and an avid dual sport adventure rider for 20. His first time living on a motorcycle for more than a year was in 1988 and most recently for 16 months living and riding full time with his wife Bonnie J and their kids on a tour that wrapped up in the summer of 2019. The are plugging away at the Story Moto ADV compound for another round set to commence in the Summer of 2020.




All things motorcycle. All things camping, All things camp cooking

any single topic or combination therein.






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