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Another Youtube Subscriber Crash Guard Giveaway Has Come To Pass. Congrats George G!

We are stoked for this months upcoming Bash Plate Giveaway. The crash guard giveaway. in February was a treat as well. We genuinely love the idea of helping people outfit their adventure bikes. Money can be a deterrent, time, lack of buying experience in the respective niche... whatever the hurdle is, if any at all, for the folks who win these giveaways... it's awesome to have the opportunity to bless someone with something they want.

We are FAR from wealthy people so it isn't about philanthropy. Ha. It's just about fostering a sense of brother and sisterhood amongst all riders in hopes that our sport remains a family... so to speak... for all of time. And speaking of which... we just landed anotha brutha from anotha mutha... The winner... a subscriber to the Story Moto ADV Youtube channel, prevailed over the crowd... George G needed the crash guards for his Kawasaki Versys X 300 and he got them!! That's two 'major for us' giveaways in the books. Stop by George's channel and give him a congrats if you'd like. And if you are so inclined you might as well give the previous winner, Hawk Girl, a tip of the hat as well.

In March we are giving away a bash plate, also new in the box from our sponsor T-Rex Racing. After the bash plate we will begin doing gear giveaways for a broad range of motorcycle camping 'must haves'.

So be sure to visit us on YouTube and as always... Like, Subscribe, Share and hit your Bell Notification so these appreciation giveaways don't slip by you.

We truly do appreciate the hell out of all the support we get from you guys. It brings us great pleasure to give these items away. Sounds contrived to say but it's true.

Bonnie and I don't need much and we've found that giving makes us happy AND helps sustain the brotherhood inherent to Adventure Riders globe wide. Adventure Touring... from researching gear to actually pulling throttle is a team sport.

As the crowds grow and the lands are encroached on by development we will all need each other to keep our sacred dirt and dual sport riding grounds open to the public. ( Youtuber legend Everide just did a great video on this topic ) It is one of our goals to establish ourselves well enough in the motorcycle world to one day have a credible and loud voice should it ever be needed to defend our riding lands and yours. You guys make that possible with your support.

So sincerely... thanks you. May you each bust no less than a billion bugs.

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Story Moto ADV

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