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FORMA & TCX Boots + Fieldsheer Quattro Jackets At $$$TOOOOPID DEAL-NEW BATCH

Forma, TCX, Joe Rocket, Keen boots & Fieldsheer Quattro jacket at $$TOOOOPID deal price...

When we got accepted in the Amazon Influencer program we got easy access to some pretty insane occasional deals. One is the promo codes stuff which I have to update this evening actually as many just expired. These items are hit and miss but the deals are crazy ranging from 50-90% off literally-- hiking packs, flashlights, power cells, converters. A person would do well to check that page RUFKM DEALS often. And hear this...while we do get a small 'seller-paid' commission (that doesn't effect the buyer price) it's next to nothing. We average around $.32 per hour that we spend on this stuff. It's not about that for us. If it were we'd be the worst business people on earth.

One of the other quick access to deals we have as Amazon Influencers (whatever the hell that even means) is the returns department. Essentially when something is returned it goes to a warehouse until enough of one size or style or another pile up to warrant the hassle of trying to sell them. Anyone can whittle into finding these deals we are just given easier access--and it STILL takes HOURS to refine the finding into worthwhile content to share with the sport. Anyhoo, these returns are from Amazon, fulfilled BY Amazon and carry all new AMAZON warranties and return policies-- not Joe Schmo seller but Amazon itself. So there is literally zero risk.

I recently had a Gopro 7 delivered to the wrong address

I recently had a Gopro 7 delivered to the wrong address and 'no-one and/or their brother' could find it. It was so frustrating. I had sat at the window facing the driveway working all day long checking the tracking roughly every .07 to 3 seconds. Hahaha. Once time I glanced down and it said delivered at 2:11PM. It was 2:48PM. O hadn't budged from my spot. There was no mistaking that the package went somewhere else. Anyhoo... LONG story short, Amazon had another on it's way that evening. They are stellar about it... likely because they are making so much money it just doesn't matter to them. haha.

About these products...

I've yet to get a returned product that was not as claimed. I take that back... 3 years I got my daughter a laptop claimed AS NEW... it was her only Christmas present. It was thrashed. I was pissed at level-Wolverine. Silver lining is that they had another too many no questions asked. Xmas was screwed but in the end all was well. That being said... a scuff on $250 boot allowing me to get at $76... I say scuff away folks. FACT of the matter is that it's a $100 boot to begin with but that's another story entirely. lol

Retail, these 11 products would cost a total $2600. Here they cost $1200. Technically speaking, that's the good math. Without further delay, the deals...

These had all run out but currently they are offering these again...

(And just like last time all you who contacted me 2 days later asking where the deals were... gone is the answer. When these come up, they go.)

(thats $160 off)

(thats $140 off)

(thats $70 off)

(thats $60 off)

(thats $140 off)

(thats $70 off)

(thats $60 off)

(thats $200 off)

(thats $120 off)

(thats $240 off)

(thats $100 off)

At the end of the day though, don't take my word for it. Go look for yourself.


If you are starting off from scratch or re-gearing some things do yourself a favor and visit...


Billy J is co-founder of Story Moto ADV, a dual sport / adventure riding brand with strategic initiatives serving the health of the adventure touring community in order to develop a unified voice for speaking resolution into motorcycle land closures in the U.S. due to overcrowding and other public land use conflicts. He has been a rider for 45 years, an extreme adventurer for 31, and an avid dual sport adventure rider for 20. His first time living on a motorcycle for more than a year was in 1988 and most recently for 16 months living and riding full time with his wife Bonnie J and their kids on a tour that wrapped up in the summer of 2019. The are plugging away at the Story Moto ADV compound for another round set to commence in the Summer of 2020.






Our purpose on social media is to be a positive, helpful, inspirational and effective voice in adventure riding by connecting people, ideas and values within the sport-- in order to honor and sustain the character and integrity of it's past and insure they are instilled into the next generation of riders.



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